Messagefrom the President

PresidentMunehiko Harada

University that Contributes to “Creating a Tranquil Society”

Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences (OUHS) is the first physical education university established in the Kansai region in 1965. Its founding spirit is to “cultivate mind, virtue, and body through ceaseless effort in order to serve society.” In 1992, to further develop sports science research, our university established a graduate school to obtain a master’s program and in 2001, we were the first to offer a doctorate program in western Japan out of all physical education and sports universities. Since then, our research capabilities have greatly improved. In 2015, OUHS marked the 50th anniversary, and created two systems, the Faculty of Physical Education, and the Faculty of Sports Education, to focus on elementary school and special needs education.

OUHS has focused on training people with a wide range of education and expertise thus far. Currently, about 25,000 graduates are active in various areas such as school education, government, corporations, and sports institutions, and so on. Furthermore, on our 50th anniversary, we formulated the “OUHS Vision 2024” centered on the three prospects of “educational ability”, “research ability”, and “training and support ability” of athletes to meet at the global level. We are also focusing on the promotion of university sports and established the “Sports Bureau” in 2018 that aims to be an organization to promote and supervise at our university.

On the other hand, the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 has changed not only the political economy but also the landscape of sports. We have also studied to coexist with Covid-19 by mandating to wear masks regularly and implementing sanitary practices such as washing and disinfecting our hands as part of our lifestyle. As vaccination becomes prevalent in our daily lives, we expect the society and the economy to normalize, returning to the world of physical education and sports. We also foresee that we will be living in a society where people will dramatically become more health and hygiene conscious, participating in exercise and sports in order to boost their immunity compared to the society before the pandemic. I believe that Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences will play an even more important role as a university aiming to “Create a Tranquil Society” post Covid.


Naniwa Commercial Vocational School founded in Dogashiba, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City
Osaka College of Physical Education (later renamed Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences – OUHS) opened
Chairman of the Board, Saburo Noda, appointed first President of the College
Toshihiko Noda and Kitsuo Kato appointed Chairman of the Board and President, respectively
Center for Industrial Physical Education founded
Campus moved to Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka
Akira Beppu appointed President
OUHS Graduate School (Master of Science in Health and Sport Sciences) established
Health and Sport Management Department opened in the School of Health and Sport Sciences
Moritaka Taguchi appointed President

OUHS Junior College founded
Moritaka Taguchi appointed President
Doctoral Program opened at OUHS Graduate School (Sport Sciences Postgraduate Program)
Chairman of the Board, Toshihiko Noda, appointed President
School of Health and Welfare Sciences established
Kiyoshi Tamura appointed President
Kenji Noda appointed Chairman of the Board
Hirohide Nagayoshi appointed President
Yasutaka Iwagami appointed President
School of Education established

University Overview

Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences offers education and training in physical and general education, and sports. Our two undergraduate schools and one graduate school respond to the needs of the times.

Approaching sport and physical education from a variety of perspectives, the School of Health and Sport Sciences strives to produce specialists in these fields. The School of Education strives to produce educators who can ensure the healthy growth and intellectual development of our children, who hold the future of society in their hands. The Graduate School of Sport and Exercise Sciences cultivates human resources with the broad perspective and high level of knowledge needed to respond to the advancement and diversification of physical education and sports science. With a deeper grasp of the fields of sport, health, welfare, and education, a reinvigorated Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences will, through the combined efforts of our two undergraduate schools and graduate school, devise courses to suit the times.

Faculties &

School ofHealth and Sport Sciences

Department ofSport Education

Sport Education

Nurtures instructors who have mastered the practical theories and guidance methods needed to analyze sport from a scientific perspective, and who can provide effective instruction in a variety of settings.

  • Coach Education

    Designed to produce instructors who can respond to the needs of students at a variety of levels, from community sports to competitive sports.

  • P.E. Teacher Education

    Designed to produce physical education teachers who have studied both general and specialized pedagogy deeply, have acquired teaching skill, are well-rounded individuals, and are trustworthy.

  • Sport Psychology and Counseling

    Designed to produce instructors who have acquired a broad base of psychological knowledge and techniques, and who can approach instruction from the perspectives of both mind and body.

Department ofHealth and Sport Management

Health and Sport Management

Nurtures instructors who can support the people and organizations involved in sport, in areas such the creation of sports environments, athlete support, and health promotion.

  • Sport Management

    Designed to produce specialists who are well-versed in various aspects related to the creation of sports environments, such as the instructors, facilities, funds, and planning required for sporting events.

  • Athletic Training

    Designed to produce human resources who have acquired the latest knowledge and techniques in areas such as the conditioning of athletes and injury prevention, and can effectively apply their expertise where needed.

  • Health and Sport Science

    Designed to produce specialists with knowledge of sports medicine and sport science pertaining to health maintenance and promotion, and who can apply their expertise in medical and welfare environments.

School ofEducation

Department ofEducation


Nurtures education specialists equipped with a mastery of specialized elements of physical education.

  • Elementary School Education

    Designed to produce teachers who can provide not only instruction in all elementary school subjects, but also a particularly high level of instruction in health and physical education and support to children with special needs.

  • Health and Physical Education

    Designed to produce educators who possess specialized knowledge and a high level of teaching ability, who have a particularly good mastery of the theory and practical techniques of adaptive sports, and who have a deep understanding of special needs education.

Graduate School ofSport and Exercise Sciences

Postgraduate Studies in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Postgraduate Studies in Sport and Exercise Sciences<

Nurtures specialists with advanced knowledge of sport and exercise sciences who can provide practical instruction and researchers who can perform original research backed up by a high level of specialist knowledge.

  • Master’s Course

    A two-year course that nurtures scientific sport practitioners with a mastery of sport science theory and applied methodology.

  • Doctoral Course

    A three-year course that nurtures creative, scientific specialists with the ability to construct sport science theories and develop innovative methodologies.


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